Gas prices continue to rise across the country

SPOKANE, Wash. — Gas prices are continuing to grow across the country.

According to AAA, the national average price of gas per gallon increased by seven cents over the last week. The national average is now $3.79 a gallon.

You shouldn’t expect to pay anywhere near that here in the Inland Northwest.

In Idaho, you can expect to pay around $4.42 a gallon. Kootenai County normally has the cheapest gas across the state, but now, it is well above the state average. The average price for gas in Kootenai County is $4.42 a gallon.

Prices are even worse in Washington. The average price for gas in Washington is $5.30 a gallon, the fifth-most expensive price for gas in the country. That number is being driven up by the west side of the state. You can expect to pay around $4/76 a gallon in Spokane County.

According to the Energy Information Administration, the recent spike in glass is a classic case of supply and demand. The total domestic gasoline stock decreased as the demand for gas increased.

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