Garth Brooks to host concert at 300 drive-in theaters nationwide June 27

3. Garth Brooks ($90 million)

Country music superstar Garth Brooks is hosting a one-night-only, socially-distanced concert event at 300 drive-in theaters nationwide on June 27.

Tickets go on sale June 19 for $100, and those tickets count for one car. Starting June 15, Encore Live will be announcing drive-in venues his concert will be screened at.


“They’re going to run it just like a regular concert, but this is going to be all over North America, one night only,” Brooks said in an interview on Good Morning America. “We are excited because this is a reason to get out of the house, but at the same time you get to follow all the COVID rules from every individual state and you get to have fun and stay within the guidelines of social distancing … we’re calling it ‘social distancing partying.'”

You can petition to have your local drive-in theater selected to enter on the Encore Live website.