Garland Theater to open during Phase 4, staff is deep cleaning in preparation

SPOKANE, Wash. — Despite not being open, Garland Theater is looking a little busier these days.

With the help of the PPP loan, the theater is continuing to put their staff to work. Instead of serving up popcorn and tearing ticket stubs, though, they’re doing a massive deep clean of the building.

Life is what you make of it. At Garland Theater, the team is choosing to look at this time being closed as an opportunity, rather than a loss.

“Just trying to use all the time we have right now to get as much done as possible, in preparation for reopening,” said Jasmine Barnes, general manager of Garland Theater.

The Garland team is back to work, they’re painting walls to spruce up the facility. The group is also reworking their bar, Bon Bon. More importantly, staff members are doing an intense deep clean of the building.

“Every crevice. Literally hands and knees with little scrub brushes on the base of every single seat,” Barnes said.

“I think I’ve done a total of two rows. One row took me three days,” said Ami Elston, a staff member at garland theatre)

Once the floors are done, they’ll also steam the seats.

“They should be very comfortable with how clean it is. We’ve been very thorough,” Elston said.

Theaters under Governor Jay Inslee’s order can open to up to 50 people during Phase 3. However, Garland Theater said that would be very difficult financially to operate. Their theater can hold up to 500 people, so they’d only be bringing in 10% of sales. For that reason, they’re planning on waiting until Phase 4.

“We’re going to ease into full operation,” Barnes said.

Garland Theater in north Spokane won’t be open for some time, but it’s already working through the logistics for when it does.

During Phase 4, Garland Theater will only allow half capacity to make room for distancing.

“Every other row in this bottom section will be closed off. So this will be open for seating, but this one would not,” Barnes said.

Not the premiere they were hoping for, but they said they want to see chairs filled again, even if it means only half.

“We have such a strong community of support. I know that when we do reopen our doors, people are going to flood right back and keep supporting us like they have for the past 75 years,” Barnes said.

Until Phase 4, they’re taking advantage of this opportunity to spruce up before they welcome back their community.

Garland Theater said they plan to open Bon Bon during Phase 3 under Governor Inslee’s guidelines. While the theater won’t open until Phase 4, they are considering opening to groups.

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