Garfield Elementary students paint mural for Garland District

Garland District Garfield Students Mural
Esther Bower

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Blue Door Theatre is getting a colorful upgrade this weekend.

About 80 students from Garfield Elementary came out to paint a new mural in the Garland District. It’s all part of a $4,500 grant the school received from Spokane Arts.

The students are working with professional muralists in the community with hopes to show them the art that’s all around and bring everyone together after a year apart.

“It means everything to me right now. At the end of COVID, the students have missed so many opportunities this year, and here we are,” said 3rd and 4th grade Garfield teacher Sam Rasmussen. “We’re outside in the sun. They’re working together. Families are together. The friends are together again, and they’re expressing themselves on a giant wall.”

The students decided on the theme for the painting to be about coming together. The finished product will showcase a tree of dreams they’re trying to reach.