Fundraising for Backpacks for Kids is underway

Fundraising for Backpacks for Kids is underway

Every year Salvation Army Spokane, in partnership with Cenex Zip Trip, provides thousands of local children in need with backpacks and school supplies to start the school year.

During the month of July, customers at Cenex Zip Trip stores throughout the Spokane area can make a donation to the Backpacks for Kids fundraiser in exchange for a free drink voucher.

As the need continues to grow, so does the amount of money they are trying to raise to make sure every kid is set up for success on their first day of school. This year, they’ve set a goal to raise $55,000 and distribute 5,000 backpacks.

The distribution will take place on August 7 at the Salvation Army of Spokane, located at 222 East Indiana Avenue.

The Salvation Army Spokane meets with vendors throughout the year to find the perfect backpacks to give away. Durable is the name of the game, as they’d’ like the backpacks to last the entire year (and maybe through summer camp next year)! The organization even tests out the backpacks before deciding on a company to order from to ensure they can withstand the large amount of books kids throw in them, and activities they might be brought to.

Inside each backpack are school supplies for the school year. The Salvation Army Spokane meets with the district to get lists for each grade.

In order to pick up a backpack for your child, you must remember to bring your ID and proof of the children living in your same household, like school registration or a DSHS statement.

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