Fun mother-daughter outings

Ways to celebrate mom all year

Mother-daughter days can be a fun way to create memories and bond. Check out some ideas for your next mother-daughter outing.

Spa day: Being pampered is a great way for moms and daughters to bond. You can get manicure or pedicures, get your hair done, or make a whole day of it at the day spa.

Makeovers: Getting makeovers can be a fun outing. You can get them professionally done, or you can have fun at home and give them to each other.

Hiking/outdoor activities: If you enjoy being active, get outdoors and bond in nature. Consider going for a hike or a long walk. If there is a sport you both enjoy playing – like golf or tennis – you can also bond over a little friendly competition.

Tea party: Going to a tea room for tea can be a fun and memorable event for mothers and daughters. For younger daughters, you can also have a tea party at home and invite her dolls to attend.

Shopping: Shopping is always a fun mother-daughter activity. Go to your favorite mall or go somewhere new and explore some fun shops. You can take a road trip to a new town or find a fun outdoor market or antique store to make it a more unique shopping trip.

Day trip: Is there a town you and your daughter love to travel to? Taking a day trip can be a lot of fun. You can bond in the car, explore a new town, and head home before dark.

Weekend road trip: If you want your mother-daughter outing to last for an entire weekend, plan a fun road trip to a nearby location. You will create memories that you’ll both treasure and can see a new place while you’re at it.

Beach day: If you’re looking for a relaxing mother-daughter outing, consider going to the beach. You can pack a lunch, bring some toys, books and magazines and make a day out of it.

Craft class: If you and your daughter are crafty consider signing up for an art or craft class. If you don’t want to take a whole class, you could also go to a ceramic or pottery studio where they let you paint an item and pick it up later.