Fun, creative ways to celebrate Christmas

Fun, creative ways to celebrate Christmas

Are you looking for new ways to celebrate Christmas this year? Take a look at these ideas for your family.

Skip individual gifts: For larger families, it can be quite costly to exchange gifts. Instead, try more unique approaches. Everyone can pitch in money and buy tickets for the whole family to attend a play, concert or sporting event. Or the family can enjoy a nice dinner out. Another idea is to only exchange homemade gifts, or baked goods.

Go global: Celebrate Christmas following another culture’s traditions. You can trace your family’s roots and celebrate Christmas as they would in Ireland, for example, if your family has Irish heritage.

Go out of town: For a whole new Christmas tradition, go on a family vacation. You can go nearby to a lodge or cabin, or take a vacation to a spot your family has been wanting to take a trip to. Some popular destinations will often offer Christmas events and Christmas packages.

Donate your time: Before enjoying your Christmas dinner, have the whole family participate in a charity project.