Ft. Lauderdale gunman checked weapon in bag

Ft. Lauderdale gunman checked weapon in bag

5 people are dead, and eight others injured after a shooting at Fort Lauderdale airport.

A suspect is in custody- law enforcement officials say he was carrying a military ID at the time of the shooting with the name Esteban Santiago.

Officials are checking the legitimacy of the ID.

They believe he acted alone, but as of right now, they don’t know why he did it.

Witnesses describe a shooting rampage inside the baggage claim area at Terminal 2.

A passenger pulled a gun out of his checked bag and opened fire.

The first reports of “shots fired” appeared to come in from police already at the airport

“The active shooter shot at least 13 people. Eight people as I know right now are in air hospitals being treated,” said Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel.

Confused and terrified passengers ran out onto the tarmac as ambulances raced by.

Numerous law enforcement officers in tactical gear rushed to the scene and were able to quickly take the suspect into custody unharmed.

Law enforcement officials say he flew from Alaska to Florida, stowing his weapon in a checked bag.

Federal guidelines permit that a passenger may check ammunition and unloaded weapons in locked, hard-sided cases.

ABC news reports that Esteban Santiago is from New Jersey.

He served in the Alaska Army National Guard until being discharged.

In November, he reportedly visited the Anchorage FBI field office.

Agents who interviewed him observed a potential mental health issue and recommended counseling.

Law enforcement officials believe he acted alone, but airports across the country were on alert.