Frosty fog, melting snow makes for an icy Sunday commute

Snow generic
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

SPOKANE, Wash. — Keep those window scrapers handy, as frosty fog is hitting the Inland Northwest.

While Spokane has escaped the snowfall for now, frosty fog combined with melting snow is creating some hazardous driving conditions.

Spokane’s National Weather Service says the unusual weather pattern of fog combined with icing is something we should expect for the next few days.

Dry winter weather combined with patchy fog is frosting up roads, sidewalks, and windshields. As temperatures continue to rise through the upper twenties, more snow is expected to melt onto local roads too.

After Spokane finished the full-city plow plan, most main roads shouldn’t have to worry about icing up. However, drivers should still be cautious of untouched residential roads and sidewalks, especially at night.

While most of that morning frost should disappear later, locals might need to “warm up” to these cold conditions.

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