Frontier begins non-stop flights from Spokane to Denver

Frontier begins non-stop flights to...

Frontier Airlines launched new non-stop service on Monday from Spokane to Denver.

The airline is now offering four flights a week; one on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. The new route is connecting passengers to more cities, and each other.

“I’m from Denver, and now my family can fly directly there,” said Donna Skoog, who helped her family check in for Monday’s inaugural flight. “It’s just going to make it easier for my family to get together.”

Even if your family is not in Denver, Colorado’s largest airport is a hub to dozens of major cities.

“Denver is a great mid-continent connection point,” said Spokane International Airport CEO Larry Krauter. “It positions people well to get out to the East Coast, and to destinations beyond, even Mexico.”

Krauter said the airport has been negotiating with Frontier since it stopped serving Spokane three years ago.

“We never give up. We are very persistent,” Krauter said.

For some passengers, the new flights are more than just a matter of convenience. Catherine Barnes, who was on her way to Minneapolis Monday night, said catching a connecting flight out of Denver will save her some serious cash.

“A good $450. It does make me very happy,” she said laughing.

The first departure out of Spokane was celebrated in style Monday evening with a water cannon salute.