From almost homeless to home owner: a local mom’s journey with Habitat for Humanity

She bounced around from one transitional home to another, searching for a place to call home. This Spokane mom knows first hand how the housing crisis in Spokane affects families. Which is why Janessa Hogan took a chance with a local non-profit and why Friday, all her hard work paid off.

Four walls and a roof, it’s something many of us take for granted.

“So many things, just decorate and make it feel like home,” said Spokane mom, Janessa Hogan.

Hogan’s journey to home ownership started three years ago and at times it felt like this day would never come.

“I was starting to think, no! But it’s been a very awesome journey to say the least,” said Hogan.
Nearly 4 years ago, Hogan was close to being homeless. She was in and out of transitional housing, then she found Habitat for Humanity.

“I’m excited for my girls to have their own room. They’ve been having to share a room and they’re teenagers. They’re so excited to have their space and have their own creativeness in their own room. I look forward to seeing that blossom,” said Hogan.

Volunteers with habitat help build homes for families in need. Hogan’s home was built in a record two month.

“They got this one up so fast and I’m so thankful. I’m ready to start moving,” said Hogan.

The Habitat for Humanity Blitz Build was spearheaded by Viking Builders and the Spokane Home Builders Association, along with an army of subcontractors, all donating their time.

“I thank the community for supporting us for all those years in the good times and bad times to be able to be where we’re at so we can give back,” said Ryan Olson, owner of Viking Builders.

On Friday, September 27, Hogan received her keys to her new home in Hope Meadows, Deer Park. It’s not a hand out though. Hogan had to put in 500 hours of sweat equity and still pays a mortgage, an affordable one. She says it feels like the start of a whole new life..

“A yard, I really want a barbecue. So I can’t wait to barbecue,” said Hogan.

Hogan also just finished school, studying early childhood education. With an affordable home she hopes to find work in Deer Park doing childcare or something for the school district. She’s also excited to get her four kids squared away with their education. No more moving around.

“It’s been a very long challenging road to get me here but it was all worth it in the end,” said Hogan.