Freeman victim’s family and friends featured in music video

Freeman victim’s family and friends featured in music video

The song “Remember You” has become an anthem for healing in the Freeman community, especially for those who knew Sam Strahan, who died protecting his classmates from a gunman in September.

Jenna Johansen, a Central Valley High School student never met Strahan – and wasn’t there the day he passed away. But she says God was, and God helped her write the song.

“He sat me down and just gave me the words to write,” Johansen said. “I imagined myself playing it. And there it was – it was in my mind and I was just sort of writing down what I heard and it was insane.”

She performed the song at Sam’s memorial, and for his mom, Ami Strahan, days after the shooting.

“The fact that his mother had to go through that it just kept hitting me. And so when I was writing this song I was really trying to capture what she must have felt like, knowing that was the last time she saw her son,” Johansen said.

Sam’s closest friends and family gathered inside a Spokane Valley coffee shop Thursday night to hear that song once again. They shared memories and photos to create a music video. Johansen expects it to be released in a few weeks.

Johansen said, “We aren’t forgetting who they are by moving on. We’re seeing who they are and just bringing them back to our lives as a good memory. And it’s a time for being joyful, because we’ll be with them again one day.”