Freeman survivors form Hoopfest team

Freeman survivors form Hoopfest team

Every team at Hoopfest is vying for a coveted championship t-shirt, but for one team, it would mean more than just winning Hoopfest. It would mean showing our community exactly what it means to be Freeman Strong.

Dressed in matching camo tank tops, the survivors proved they’re a team that shouldn’t be underestimated. All four of the young women on the team have experienced something no child ever should: they lost a classmate in the shooting at Freeman High School last September.

Three girls were also shot, including freshman Jordyn Goldsmith who plays for the survivors.

“To show that we have survived and we have conquered through what had happened to us, like, just keep pushing through,” Goldsmith said.

It’s a tragedy that’s bonded these girls in a way that not many could understand. Now, they’re out on the court to represent Freeman together.

“It’s super fun. I love them all,” said Goldsmith.

It’s even more fun for Goldsmith considering several months ago she didn’t even think she’d be able to be here.

“So, that’s awesome that I’m out here,” she said.

The girls have had some tough matches. But, win or lose, they’re happy to be here and show everyone what the Freeman spirit is all about.

“I’m so happy to represent Freeman and Freeman Strong,” Goldsmith said.