‘Freedom convoy’ protestors occupy Ottawa over trucker vaccine mandate

Credit: Justin Tang

SPOKANE, Wash. — Canada’s vaccine mandate for freight workers has many truckers creating havoc across the border.

Stationed in Ottawa, the “Freedom Convoy” consists of thousands of protestors occupying the country’s capital. The convoy began Saturday in response to Canada’s regulation, requiring truckers to show proof of vaccination when returning from the U.S.

Protestors are using their rigs to block off certain roads, specifically the streets around Canada’s parliament buildings. Canadian authorities say the occupants have violated several national monuments. They also say they are conducting multiple criminal investigations related to the protests.

Some protestors were accused of threatening and intimidating police and city workers. However their biggest threats are directed at Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Many of the protestors’ signs are either cursing at Trudeau or telling him to leave office. Trudeau is currently in hiding at an undisclosed location after the protestors reached the capital on Saturday.

It just began this weekend, so the Freedom Convoy will likely continue for the next several days.

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