Free swimming attracts nearly 10,000 people to Spokane pools

Free swimming attracts nearly 10,000 people to Spokane pools

Spokane pools are filling up with swimmers ready to dive in for some summer fun as temperatures heat up.

It’s been just one week since city aquatic centers opened for the season in Spokane. City of Spokane Recreation Supervisor Josh Oakes said close to 10,000 people have already visited the six centers across the city. Oakes said more than 30,000 people have signed up for a splash pass this year.

“It’s hard to tell if those are more than last year just because we haven’t had the best weather as of last week. It’s been a little cloudy, a little cold, but definitely on those warmer days, we see a lot of people,” Oakes said.

Lisa McGill-Vargas is among those visitors. She spent Monday morning at A.M. Cannon Aquatic Center with her son Mason. He’s five years old and learning to swim.

“He’s always been a little bit afraid of the water and this has been great. He’s here with friends and it has been a beautiful day and this is a really great facility,” McGill-Vargas said.

It’s a swim center McGill-Vargas and other residents can enjoy for free this year. Swimmers just need to register for a SplashPass. The electronic pass is your ticket to any of Spokane’s six aquatic centers. Swimming is free this year during open, lap and parent/tot swim hours. Oakes said family nights are also included with the pass. There’s even free swim clinics Saturday mornings.

Tina Janning said she loves that the city pools are free. She spent Monday morning with her grandson at the pool, too.

“It’s just so fun. I love it. You guys do such a wonderful job in Spokane of the lessons and the equipment and the fun and so I think it’s extra added fun to have the kids be active and have a fun summer,” Janning said.

Oakes said the goal is to have 90,000 people use the aquatic centers by the end of the season.

“We’re really excited to just have as many people come in and visit the facilities and go swimming and take advantage of these awesome resources that we have here in Spokane,” Oakes said.

It’s not too late to register for a SplashPass. You can read more about the different options to sign up here.