Free storm debris removal event saves Spokane citizens over $47,000

When an early October snowstorm hit Spokane, it brought down thousands of tree branches.

The storm left roads and yards on the South Hill completely covered in debris. So city leaders decided to help.

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The Waste to Energy Facility was opened up for free storm debris disposal for nearly two weeks. The offer ended Saturday, but while it lasted, thousands of people took advantage of it.

The city said 3,978 visits were made to the facility between when the storm hit on the night of October 8 and when the offer ended on October 19.

Those people brought in 883 tons of storm debris, which was all disposed of for free.

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The normal cost to get rid of yard waste at the Waste to Energy Facility is $53.33 per ton.

That means Spokane residents saved a combined $47,090.

If you still have debris you need to get rid of, you can put it in your green yard waste bin and it will be collected on your normal garbage pick-up day. Branches must be smaller than 3 inches in diameter and fit within the cart.

Free storm debris removal event saves Spokane citizens over $47,000