Free clinic at Logan Elementary vaccinates dozens of children

With school starting Thursday, some local parents took advantage of a free vaccine clinic at Logan Elementary.

Spokane Regional Health and the WSU School of Pharmacy provided the vaccinations to dozens of kids, free of charge, on Wednesday.

A new state law that went into effect last month requires students to have the first dose of the MMR vaccine by the first day of school, unless they have a medical or religious exemption on file.

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“The way that MMR works is you can’t get it for another 28 days later,” said Kayla Myers, health program specialist at Spokane Regional Health.

“It’s just how they made the vaccine for your immune system to respond. So they get put into a conditional status meaning that they’re not out of compliance but they’re not up to date either.”

If students do not get the second shot within 30 days, they won’t be allowed to attend school unless they have a valid exemption.