Fourth of July for your pets, tips for getting through a loud and potentially scary evening

As we celebrate Independence Day with fireworks across the country, remember that, while fireworks are beautiful… they can also be terrifying to your pets.

Those loud booms can send many of them into hiding, a nervous fit or even worse.

“My sister had a German Shepherd that jumped out of a second story window to try and escape the sounds,” said Debbie Stotts, a pet owner herself.

Animal experts recommend keeping your pets indoors, and if needed in an escape proof room, or even their crate.

Additionally, they say if you are taking your pets outside to make sure to keep them on a leash. They can jolt at any loud noises.

For those the shutdown during the busiest firework nights, you can turn on music, or a television to try and drown out the noise and to normalize the evening.

Reassuring your animals and giving treats isn’t a bad idea either.

“I have two cats, a white one with a yellow eye, and a blue eye, named Casper, and another black kitten named Cocoa,” said Nina Velazquez. “Those fireworks can sound like gunshots, and they freak out.”

She says she tries to pick them up or bring out their toys to distract them.

One ill-placed paw, though, left a scratch on her after a firework startled them.

The fourth of July is one of the busiest times for runaway animals, and you should make sure that all your microchip information is up to date so that, if your animal escapes, you can be connected more quickly.

If you set off backyard fireworks, you should be sure to pick those up, so that your dog doesn’t lick or eat them.

Additional, advice can be found by clicking here.

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