Four Spokane mayoral candidates appear at Hillyard Fest ahead of the primary election

Four of Spokane’s five mayoral candidates made an appearance at the Hillyard Festival on Saturday ahead of Tuesday’s primary election.

Candidates Nadine Woodward, Shawn Poole, Ben Stuckart, and Jonathan Bingle met with the community and talked about what they hope to bring to Spokane should they be elected for mayor.

“I don’t want you to vote for me because I’m nice or because I interacted with you,” said Shawn Poole.

Instead, Poole says he wants people to do their research and make an educated vote.

If he becomes mayor, Poole says his priority is to hire 25 police officers without raising taxes by “holding department heads more accountable.”

When it comes to priorities, Ben Stuckart said fixing the housing crisis in Spokane is at the top of his list.

Stuckart’s goal is to address the root cause of homelessness, something he plans to do by establishing a Housing Trust Fund to develop more affordable housing in Spokane each year.

Homelessness is a topic Nadine Woodward also would like to focus on, as well as safety in the heart of downtown.

“This election I believe will define what Spokane is and what it will be for at least a generation,” said Woodward.

Jonathan Bingle was at the festival, but 4 News Now wasn’t able to catch up with him. He says he’ll be campaigning all weekend by knocking on residents’ doors.

4 News Now also reached out to Kelly Cruz’s campaign, but has yet to receive a call back.

Interested in learning about all five candidates and where they stand on issues like homelessness, the relocation of sex offenders, and more?

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