Former Spokane Police sergeant sentenced to 7 years in prison for rape

Former Spokane Police sergeant sentenced to 7 years in prison for rape

Descriptions of a father who served more than a decade on the Spokane Police Department were conflicting in court on Friday.

Gordon Ennis’ mother told a judge her son was a good man.

Deputy Prosecutor Kelly Fitzgerald countered with Ennis’ new label.

“He is a convicted rapist for the rest of his life,” Fitzgerald said.

The man who swore to protect the community was sentenced to prison for seven years after a jury found him guilty of raping an unconscious officer at a house party, in October of 2015.

Now, nearly three years later, the former sergeant apologized for the “profound and life-changing impact” that night had on the victim, his friends, family, and former employer.

“I am so sorry for the devastation and the upheaval this has brought to the lives of my wife and children,” Ennis said. “I need to be a better husband, a better friend, better citizen. I think I owe it to them. I owe it to everyone.”

Despite his conviction, close friends and family members came to court Friday and called Ennis an honorable man. Fitzgerald countered, asking the judge to consider a harsher sentence.

“This is an individual, your honor, who was a member of law enforcement at the time, an individual that this community trusted, and individual this community expected would protect vulnerable individuals. He did not,” Fitzgerald said.

Ennis will have to register as a sex offender once he’s released from jail.