Former secretaries of state reunite for cameo on TV show

Three former secretaries of state — Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell and Hillary Clinton — will appear together on the CBS show “Madam Secretary” this fall, according to a tweet from Albright.

The three former secretaries convened to take a photo with actress Tea Leoni, who portrays the nation’s top diplomat in the CBS drama.

Posted Tuesday by Albright to her Twitter account, the photo captures the four secretaries of state — real and fictional — all smiling widely together.

“It’s always nice to consult with my successors,” Albright wrote in a tweet along with the photo.

Clinton, Powell and Albright will all guest star on an episode of the CBS drama that airs on October 7, Albright wrote in her tweet. She’s previously appeared on the program in 2015, according to iMDb.

It will be the first appearance on the program by both Clinton and Powell.