Former Republican representative announces run for Rep. Matt Shea’s seat

Former Republican representative announces run for Rep. Matt Shea’s seat
Leonard Christian
Leonard Christian has announced his run for Rep. Matt Shea's seat in the fourth legislative district. 

Former Republican representative Leonard Christian has entered the race for Representative Matt Shea’s seat in Washington’s fourth legislative district.

Rep. Shea was suspended from the House Republican Caucus and removed from his position on the House Environment Committee on Thursday in the wake of a report detailing serious allegations against him.

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The independent report says Shea engaged in domestic terrorism and repeated calls to arms against the United States government.

In the wake of the report, several legislators across Washington state have called for Shea to resign. Shea, who is up for reelection in 2020, has said he will not be resigning or backing down.

Christian released the following statement to the media on Friday:

“The citizens of the 4th Legislative District, business leaders and the media have been ignored for too many years as Mr. Shea has focused on issues that seek to divide and undermine the people he was elected to represent. As a former Republican representative, I’m encouraged by the actions of the Washington State Republican Caucus in standing up against hate and radical behavior. In light of the overwhelming evidence, I believe it’s time for a reasonable conservative to represent the people of the 4th district and that is why I’m announcing my entry into the race.”

Christian was appointed to the Washington State House of Representatives in 2014. He is currently a realtor and a Spokane County Board Member. He has also recently served as a chair of the Republicans of Spokane County, as well as a board member and district leader for the Spokane County Republican Party.

Earlier this week, nurse practitioner Lori Feagen also announced her campaign. Feagen is running as the democratic challenger for the position.

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