Former Idaho lawmaker to stand trial on rape charges

BOISE, Idaho — A former North Idaho lawmaker accused of rape will stand trial on the charges. 

Aaron von Ehlinger, who is accused of raping a 19-year-old legislative intern, had a preliminary hearing in Boise on Friday. During preliminary hearings, a judge determines if there is enough evidence to move forward to trial. 

A nurse testified Friday about the rape kit she gave the alleged victim, and some of the physical injuries found on her body. The nurse said “Jane Doe” had a lump on her head and soreness in her arm because of the encounter she had with the suspect.

The nurse said the person responsible for Jane Doe’s injuries had sat on her chest while forcing himself upon her.

A Boise police officer was also called to testify. He collected a DNA sample from von Ehliger, which prosecutors say matched the swab taken from the victim’s sexual assault exam.

Jane Doe did not testify. 

von Ehlinger resigned from the legislature in April as the accusations came forward. He is scheduled to enter a plea on November 8. 

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