Not much smoke relief on Friday – Matt

The smoke hasn’t gone anywhere and while some slight improvement is possible in the Spokane area around lunchtime, there’s no reason to go about your Friday with any other impression than that it’s going to be smoked out.


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Temperatures have started off in the 60s but will climb rapidly to the low 90s by lunch and into the upper 90s and low 100s this afternoon. This will be the record-tying 39th day in Spokane this year of at least 90 degrees for a high. An excessive heat warning and an air quality alert are in place for Saturday.


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The weather doesn’t look much better this weekend. it will be hot and hazy to start with more smoke and a strong breeze off of the Cascades. Temperatures will be close to 100 on Saturday and “cool off” to the mid 90s on Sunday. Thankfully cooler, less smoky conditions are on the way after a cold front passes early next week.


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