Forecast: drying out for Friday night fun and preparing for a windy Sunday – Kris

You can take your snorkels off . We are drying out his evening.  You’ll still have to jump a few puddles if you’re going to a late dinner or to watch some monster trucks. Temperatures will stay above freezing overnight tonight, so you’ll have no worries about icy spots.

Friday Evening Forecast    4 Things To Know

Meanwhile, Saturday is going to be beautiful with partly cloudy skies and highs in the upper 40s.  Before you make your plans, however, you’ll want to see the forecast for Sunday. There is growing confidence that we will have a strong wind event starting Sunday afternoon and continuing through Monday. This storm has the potential for tree damage and power outages. SO… you might not want to spend your Saturday putting up Christmas decorations just to have them blown to the North Pole on Sunday. Find your generator, batten your hatches, put fresh batteries in the flashlights and THEN go out to enjoy the nice weather on Saturday.

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