Football and charity; the pillars of the Spokane Valley Sea Hawkers

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — The Spokane Valley Sea Hawkers is the booster club that was created by the Seattle Seahawks. Their priorities are simple; Seattle Seahawks football and fundraising for local charities.

The group is one of 42 that has been established internationally. All of them bleed green and blue.

“We’ve got a lot of fans around the country that are really passionate,” said Pat O’Connor, President of the Spokane Valley Chapter. “Win or lose we’re still passionate fans.”

O’Connor joined the organization in 2008 after being invited to tag along during the group’s biggest fundraising events.

“I really liked the Seahawks,” O’Connor said. “And one of my friends said ‘Hey we’re going on this bus trip.'”

That bus carried O’Connor and 53 others to Seattle to attend a Seahawks game. Along the way, the group collected thousands of dollars for local charities.

“I said that’s who I am and that’s what I want to do,” O’Connor said.

Twelve years later, O’Connor assumed the role of president, and the Sea Hawkers’ membership has grown above 100.

“In this group we have about 105 at this time,” O’Connor said. “It fluctuates from year to year, but there’s about 9,600 Sea Hawkers around the world in different chapters.”

The Chapter meets every third Monday at ‘The Ref’, a local sports bar that could captivate most sports fans. They are visited by local charities, who express their need for help.

Once they’ve decided which charity to assist, they assemble and get to work.

“We seem to always come through,” said Pam O’Connor, Treasurer of the Spokane Valley Chapter. “Someone will bring a need in to the general meting, and we always seem to come through with the money. It’s just amazing.”

The most recent event they took part in was ‘Kicks for Kids,’ an event that puts shoes on the feet of under-privileged children.

And when they’re not giving back to the community, they’re enjoying the game at ‘The Ref.’