Food trucks provide free meals to truckers at Idaho rest stops

POST FALLS, Idaho – Restaurants across Washington have resorted to offering take-out only options in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

For truck drivers who have been working countless hours to transport supplies, hauling a semi through a drive-thru just isn’t an option. 

It’s not always easy for them to stop and take a break to get food, especially when on a deadline. 

“You sleep in your truck, you eat at truck stops. You’re away from your family anywhere from two weeks to a month, two months at a time,” explained Mike Jeffries, a truck driver.

He’s been a semi-truck driver for several years.

“I love seeing different places. I love seeing new places. The landscape from Florida to here is totally different. I love it. It’s beautiful,” he said.

The Florida native has seen so much countryside, from the south all the way to the northwest.

He clocks about 70 hours per week, like many other truck drivers out there.

On Saturday morning, he stopped at the Huetter Rest Area on I-90 in Post Falls, coming upon D’Bess Food Truck.

“I’m very appreciative for what they’re doing. This is the second one I’ve seen, one of them was at a weigh station in Montana,” Jeffries said.

The Idaho Transportation Department now allows food trucks to serve meals at truck stops, with a permit.

D’Bess is one of those trucks, but owner David Bessey decided to give out burgers and hot dogs for free to truckers.

“Just trying to help the truck drivers out,” Bessey said.

Fresh food makes a big difference when you’re living on the road, relying on truck-stop meals.

Bessey said its been tough finding business during the pandemic. But, as a part-time truck driver himself, he wanted to help with what he had.

“I know what it’s like being out there and not being able to stop and get food. It’s something to give back,” he said.

Bessey decided to do this  after finding out others were helping at other rest areas. There’s a group on the eastbound Huetter Rest Area giving food out to truckers, as well. Since they all started giving out food to truck drivers for free, other restaurants have been donating more food to help.

If you’re a food truck owner and wanted to be stationed at a truck stop, visit ITD’s website here.

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