Food delivery orders surge as Spokane prepares for snow

Food delivery orders surge as Spokane prepares for snow

Spokane will begin the weekend with snow on the ground and more on the way. As drivers make their way home to stay inside through the storm, food delivery drivers are out filling more orders than normal.

“[Make] sure you’re being courteous to the other drivers. they’ll be courteous to you,” said Brian Dickmann.

Dickmann owns staple Spokane pizza spot Pizza Rita, and that’s the advice he gives his drivers. In the 30 years they’ve been serving Spokane, he says snow hasn’t stopped them.

“There’s been a point where it was for all the other pizza places but not for us,” he said.

That’s in part why when snow is in the forecast, Dickmann calls in extra hands to help fill the extra delivery orders that customers call in.

“It’s even in the handbook. If it’s snowing and if you can call in and ask if they want you to come in early, or if you’re not scheduled and you want to come in and usually the drivers do because it’s a pretty good delivery day,” he said.

Dickmann said the delivery time might drop from the usual half hour to 45 minutes, or even an hour, as drivers take it slow. Even with the added caution, accidents do happen but Dickmann said they have not been serious wrecks.

“One of our guys was in a fender bender, and he was actually in a fender bender with a Domino’s driver,” he said.

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