Following the CDC’s instructions to make a ‘no sew’ face mask

How to make a cloth face mask
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Following the CDC's instructions on how to make a 'no sew' face mask

SPOKANE, Wash. — If you choose to wear a mask when going to public places like the grocery store or your local pharmacy, the CDC recommends you make your own cloth one and leave the medical grade ones to health care workers who need them.

The CDC’s website is constantly being updated with the latest COVID-19 information, including how to make your own re-usable cloth face mask.

They have how-to instructions for sewing one together as well as some ‘no sew’ options.


T-shirt Mask

Source: CDC

My t-shirt mask review: I messed up on this one by cutting too deep into the fabric on one of the steps. I ended up having to fold pieces of the shirt into the middle and use bobby pins to hold it together. But it made the mask a lot thicker which I think is more durable.

Cloth/coffee filter mask

Source: CDC

My coffee filter mask review: I had some trouble keeping the pair of brand new hair bands I used behind my ears. I advise using some that have been stretched out a bit, or buying stretchier or thinner ones. I also used bobby pins to hold loose fabric together.

The CDC website also has details on how to wear and wash your mask properly.