Flyer informs Spokane utility customers of class action lawsuit

Customers who receive water utilities from the City of Spokane will receive a flyer with their utility bill this month informing them of a class action lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed two years ago by three Spokane County residents who receive water from the City of Spokane. In 2018 it became a class action lawsuit.

The flyer was sent to all 75,000 utility customers, though lawyers believe it only affects more than 5,000 of them.

“The court required us to include notification about this lawsuit in our utility bills and descend it to all of our customers,” said Marlene Feist with the City of Spokane.

The city says it does charge higher rates to county residents who receieve city water, but that’s because it’s more difficult to get water to them.

“State law provides us with authority to set different rates for different classes of customers and most cities in the State of Washington that have customers outside their city limits have a differential rate for those customers,” Feist said.

However, lawyers who have filed the class action suit say the rate being charged to county customers was unfair.

If you would like to know if you are part of this class action lawsuit, you can contact the lawfirm Dunn & Black. There are also options to opt-out of the lawsuit by emailing Shellie Garrett at

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