Flooding in Sprague kills farmer’s crops

Flooding in Sprague kills farmer’s crops

Flooding in the city is causing chaos and the flood waters are being steered downhill…. but at the bottom of that hill are more residents.

At this point, the city is expecting the creek in the middle of town to breech it’s edges. Friday, they worked to control where that water will go.

As the city funnels the water out of the downtown core, it’s all ending up on Terry’s farm… specifically his 50 acre field.

“We lease all this ground… it’s alfalfa and hay ground,” said Terry.

The flooding this year is going to cost him a lot.

“There will be no crop on this year, it all dies out from the water, suffocating the plants,” said Terry.

But the city’s hands are tied. Many homes are already filling with water, so crews are building barriers around the creek in the middle of the city to aim the overflow the only place they can.

“We’re going to try to guide it in a direction that is satisfactory although it may not be desirable,” said Lincoln county Sheriff Wade Magers.

Some residents along that flood route are losing hope.

“It just started coming up into a small closet,” said Kevin Hannan.

While Hannah is sandbagging, he knows the flooding is inevitable.

“It’s got nowhere else to go now and now they’re funneling it as we speak so that my house is going to be flooded in a matter of hours,” said Hannan.

While some will lose homes, Terry will lose a year’s worth of work.

“A year’s worth of income plus the whole cost of putting everything back in again the seed and everything,” said Terry.

However he’s optimistic, and says this is just part of the job.

“You got to wait until next spring and seed it and you’ll get a small crop, that’s how it goes for farmin’,” said Terry.