Flooding creates problems for North idaho roads

Flooding creates problems for North idaho roads

Floodwaters and mudslides are creating big problems in North Idaho for County Road and Bridge Departments.

The sun is shining in the Inland Northwest. A lot of our snow here in Spokane has already melted, but that bright ball of fire in the sky still has a lot of work to do in North Idaho, where snow melt and rain are making travel more and more difficult.

Bob Chapman works for City Link bussing Coeur d’Alene casino-goers from Plummer and Worley. His route isn’t affected by recent flooding and mudslides.

But Bob lives in St. Maries. When Highway 5, the route between the two towns, closed yesterday, Bob had to find another way to work through icy back roads. If those routes end up failing, his new commute would mean heading up to I-90, and getting up early. Very early.

“If I had to go all the way around there, that’s 60-70 miles,” said Chapman. “It would be at least an hour and a half close to two hours going all the way around that way.”

Things aren’t much better in further Boundary County. Lions Den Road closed last night but re-opened this morning.

Highway 95 shut down yesterday near the golf course at Bonner’s Ferry and is now back open.

Officials are helping property owners by providing sandbags.

In Bonner County, a state of emergency has been declared.

The biggest issue is at Sagle Creek Road where water and mud have completely washed out and closed the roadway.

A new culvert is being built and it should re-open sometime tonight.

Emergency management officials remind drivers to err on the side of caution and avoid roadways covered with mud and water.