Flooding concerns over Hangman Creek

Flooding concerns over Hangman Creek

The melting snow and torrential rain means bad news for many area roads as well as creeks and rivers. Flooding was still a big concern Thursday night.

By Friday morning, Hangman’s Creek was expected to rise more than a foot above flood level.

“That’s a river, not a creek anymore. It’s really pretty spectacular,” said Cindy Magi who lives near the creek. Magi says she has taken pictures of the creek for years, but this is the highest she’s ever seen it. And while she has no reason to worry about the flooding, that might not be the case for others.

“There’s farms and houses that are right on the creek and I wonder what’s happening with those people,” she said.

At Hangman Valley Golf Course, employees are watching the creek closely. They say the water is already approaching some holes. That’s something they’ve been preparing for.

“It will tend to deposit mud and debris on the golf course,” said manager Steve Nelke. “If it gets on the greens, then we’re going to have a hard time opening up on time this year.”

One of the biggest concerns at the golf course is the potential for that creek to take out several bridges. Bridges are also a big concern for the Public Works Department, but they say the chances aren’t likely that they will be washed away.

“Right now we dont’ really have any bridges that are being threatened, which is obviously one of my biggest concerns,” said Mitch Reister, the Public Works director.

Employees of Hangman Valley Golf Course expect the damage to be minimal. They say they’ve already seen worse in 1997.

“That flood, mud came all over quite a few of the fairways, and most of the 18th fairway, and did quite a bit of damage,” Nelke said.

The creek is expected to stop rising over night. The water levels should be back to normal on Friday.