Flatstick Pub in Spokane celebrates owner’s hometown (hint: it’s the INW)

Nearly nine months since telling us they’re coming to Spokane, Flatstick Pub in downtown is almost ready to open their doors.

Flatstick Pub is a restaurant, bar, mini golf course – all in one place. If you’ve been to a Flatstick Pub before, you might have thought it was a Seattle-based company. All the locations, before its newest one, have been in western Washington. Turns out, the owners are actually from Spokane.

If you take a look around the new downtown location, it’s all in the details.

“We’ve been wanting to open in Spokane, really ever since we started,” said co-owner of Flatstick Pub.

Largent grew up in Spokane, along with his co-owners and brothers.

Opening a location in downtown Spokane, they’re home. And they want you to feel the same any time you walk into their business.

“Some other kinds of local touches. We have some Gonzaga Bulldogs, and some Cougars, and some Eagles up on our murals,” Largent said.

From the paintings on the walls to the structure of the golf course, there are Easter eggs hidden all around the pub.

“So, we’ve used a lot of brewing equipment in the golf course here,” Largent said.

Every piece of this place pays homage to the city it’s home to.

For example, one of the holes at their golf course may remind you of Spokane’s Bloomsday run. The same runner statues at Riverfront Park are on the course, just a bit smaller.

Spokane will also be treated to two brand-new games.

“Birdie Battle, and it is sort of our take on putting version of pop-a-shot basketball game,” Largent said.

The other new game will remind you of being at a batting cage. Only here, you’re using golf balls.

“We’ve taken these mini pitching machines that shoot these little foam golf balls. You’re going to be racing to see who can hit more targets, yourself or your opponent,” Largent said.

Flatstick fans can take comfort in knowing Duffleboard is coming to Spokane. It’s a signature Flatstick game that’s like tabletop mini golf.

“Ideally, the goal is to make it one shot. You just get one shot,” Largent said.

Spokane is the fourth Flatstick Pub location. The company has moved into the M Building in downtown, formerly where Macy’s was located.

The company said they hope to open in early December. They’re aiming for a soft opening in late November. Families are welcome until 7 p.m. After that, only people 21 years and older are allowed in the restaurant.

There are two more Flatstick Pubs in the works for next year, one in Bellingham and Tacoma.