Five people displaced from duplex in East Central due to bedroom fire

Spokane Fire Department Truck
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SPOKANE, Wash. — A duplex fire in the East Central neighborhood has left five tenants temporarily displaced.

The Spokane Fire Department responded to a structure fire call on South Pittsburgh Street just past midnight. They received a call reporting a bedroom fire inside the duplex.

Shortly arriving after the call, crews found smoke and flames from a bedroom toward the back of the duplex. While crews were extinguishing the fire, they were looking to see if anyone was inside. No one was found inside during the fire.

Crews were able to prevent the fire from getting bigger, but there was damage to the bedroom and smoke damage inside.

There was a estimated $50,000 worth of damage to the estimated $400,000 structure.

No one was hurt from the fire. The SFD Special Investigation Unit determined that the cause of the fire was someone who lived in the duplex burning a letter inside her bedroom.

Red Cross has given the five tenants temporary housing.

SFD wants to remind you to plan and practice your fire escape plan and to sleep with your bedroom door shut, as there should be two ways out of any room that you use to sleep in. People who are older, children and those with access of functional needs may require extra help to wake them up and get out.

They also want to make sure you have an agreed-upon meeting place outside that is a safe distance from your home where firefighters can easily find you. Finally, they want to remind you that smoke and heat rise, and as a result, be sure to stay low to the ground when leaving your home during a fire.

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