Five local chicken sandwiches that rival newly-opened Chick-fil-A

SPOKANE, Wash. — Tuesday marks the momentous grand opening of Chick-fil-A in Spokane, but if it’s not your thing, we have five local alternatives that may scratch that chicken sandwich itch!

Spokane food writer and grub connoisseur Kris Kilduff shared five local sandwich joints on Food Finder Spokane, which he says blow Chick-fil-A “out of the water.”

Logan Tavern

A Thursday-only special, their fried chicken sandwich comes with a glowing recommendation from Kilduff, praising its combo of crispy buttermilk fried chicken, hot honey and guacamole. Kilduff notes that you can also ask to “make it sexy” for a dollar extra, though he wasn’t forthcoming on what that meant — so now we have to find out!

Hogwash Whiskey Den

Chef CJ Callahan is no stranger to excellent chicken — Kilduff says he just got back from Chicago, where he was running fried chicken pop ups that quickly sold out of stock! He brings that expertise to his Jamboni Chicken Sandwich; smoking his own ham and making his own pickles.

Stella’s Cafe

Stella’s Nashville hot chicken sandwich is the sum of three delicious parts: fried chicken, hot sauce and homemade pickles. It’s a simple mix, but Kilduff says they knock it out of the park! “What is scary,” Kilduff adds, “it’s not even the best sandwich on their menu!”

No-Li Brewhouse

No-Li is internationally recognized for their killer beers, so you might forget that they have a killer menu, too! The cornerstone of their elevated pub fare, Kilduff says, is their Bavarian pretzels and chicken sandwiches — the latter of which is simply fried chicken and the works, but No-Li has it perfected.

Incrediburger & Eggs

Kilduff struggled to name just which ‘wich is best at Incrediburger — so he settled for two! Their Korean honey butter sando is exotic and interesting and comes covered in kimchi, but an equal contender is the ‘Chicken and the Egg,’ far more humble but just as tasty, with house-made buttermilk biscuits honey mustard aioli and crispy, delicious chicken.

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