Fist-fight leads to shooting, two people injured

Fist-fight leads to shooting, two people injured

32-year-old Jeremy Mallgren is facing two charges of first-degree assault after police say he shot two people Thursday night on the 2400 block of Calispel St. in central Spokane. At his first court appearance on Friday, his bond was set at $500,000.

According to court documents, it all began after the victims parked their car on Calispel St. to get water for their dog. The male victim, who was 29, noticed that Mallgren was filming him. The two then got into an argument and Mallgren was punched and knocked to the ground

Police say Mallgren then went into his house and came out with a gun and shot at the victims’ SUV as it was driving away. Police found the SUV a block away with a number of bullet holes, shattered windows and a flat tire. Inside, the second female victim who had several gunshot wounds to her torso, and the male victim with shrapnel wounds to his back. Both victims are stable and police say will survive their injuries.

According to family members of Mallgren, he had been filming the SUV because Spokane Police had advised them to record suspicious activity in the neighborhood. Family members say they believe the house next door to them is a “drug house” and they have been worried about illegal activities.

Police found rifle casings in front of Mallgren’s house and after searching the interior, found another handgun.

His next appearance will be Sept. 19.