First winter blast is on the way- Mark

Happy Friday! I hope you are ready for the snow.

Snow will start mid day and continue into Saturday early morning. It will start out light but get heavier around the time of the evening commute.

Fri Dayplanner[1]

Here’s your 4 Things to Know for today:

  • A Winter Storm Warning goes into effect around 1 p.m.
  • Be patient on your commute home, snow is expected
  • We’ll see a few inches of snow
  • The snow tapers off Saturday morning, but expect cold, cold temperatures

Fri 4 Things[1]

If you’re planning to drive, here’s what you can expect:

Fri Winter Storm Warning[1]

To put it simply: cold and snowy

Fri Highs[1]

Clear and cold Saturday and Sunday, with record cold possible Sunday and Monday morning. Then a bit of relief toward the end of next week.

Fri 4 Day[1]

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