First responders celebrate healthcare workers in ‘Thank You’ parade

SPOKANE, Wash. — First responders in our community wanted to celebrate healthcare workers for everything they’ve been doing during this pandemic. Since we all have to abide by social distancing rules, they had to get creative.

Heroes come in many uniforms. The community got to see them all Tuesday. Masked and happy to see each other.

“Seeing the community come together to appreciate each other during this stressful time for everyone,” said Lea Thompson, a certified child life specialist at Sacred Heart Medical Center.

“It’s been a real, challenging last six weeks for all of our community. I know there has been a lot of fear,” said Peggy Currie, chief executive at Sacred Heart Medical Center.

First responders paraded around Spokane hospitals to show their love for our healthcare heroes.

“Look at their faces. They were so happy to give us thanks. It was just a great effort to show they really care,” said Deanette Fisette, an RN case manager at Multicare Deaconess Hospital.

Their plan was to show medical workers their gratitude. But when they rolled up, they found a sea of those men and women in scrubs, thanking them right back.

“I think that we have just have so much love and adoration for everything they’re doing,” Thompson said.

They’re all heroes. They work together every day, even if they might not see each other.

“If it weren’t for what they do on the front lines, outside the hospital, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do inside the hospital,” Thompson said.

Each person at the parade Tuesday has the same goal. They all aim to keep our community safe and healthy.

“We’re all in a part of this together, we are all in the same boat, we are caring for one another,” Currie said.

“What we do is important, and our attitude is even more important,” Fisette said.

“How blessed we are to have such a great healthcare, first responder, city/government community. Spokane is a great place to be, especially today,” Currie said.

From everyone at 4 News Now, we also thank or healthcare workers for all their hard work on the front lines during this pandemic.

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