First Pullman pot shop opens its doors

Saturday was homecoming for WSU but it was also the grand opening for the first recreational marijuana store in Pullman.

Owners says they were shooting to open their doors that weekend and when they found out it was homecoming it only gave them more motivation.

As soon as the clock struck noon, customers were filling MJ’s Pot Shop. Each customer wanting to claim their own piece of Pullman history.

“I’m not a very frequent pot smoker so I’m looking more for the good time and something that’s clean, natural, and something I can trust,” said buyer Johnathan.

Johnathan didn’t want to show his face on camera, but says it was a day of firsts for him. First customer of the day and it was his first time buying from a pot shop.

“It was really good. Very efficient,” said Johnathan.

Johnathan has an auto immune disease and has smoked pot medicinally for years. But for someone who isn’t a frequent smoker, he says it’s a hassle having to maintain the card.

“I’d much rather have it legal and be able to use it when I need it,” he said.

And after months of waiting, customers will be able to do just that.

But nobody is more excited for the store opening than the owner and the employees.

“I would say from beginning to end, with everybody involved, there have been about two to three thousand man hours,” said MJ’s Pot Shop employee, Brian Augenstein.

The store says, for the most part, the entire community has been very welcoming but adds everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

“I’m hoping that people realize this isn’t the doomsday, the apocalypse, that the world isn’t going to collapse and you can have something beneficial and natural to help people just down the street,” said Johnathan.

The store is named MJ’s Pot Shop after the owner, her real name – believe it or not – is Mary Jane Smith.