First case of vaping-related lung disease reported in Washington

First case of vaping-related lung disease reported in Washington
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Smoke from vaping, e-cigarettes.

Public health officials have reported the first confirmed case of a severe lung disease linked with the use of vaping devices in Washington state.

The patient is a young adult male from King County. He has recovered after being hospitalized in August.

According to a release from the Washington State Department of Health, the patient’s symptoms matched what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have asked all state and local health jurisdictions to be on the lookout for in regard to the nationwide investigation into the matter.

The CDC and Food and Drug Administration launched a multi-state investigation regarding an outbreak of severe lung disease associated with using vaping devices and e-cigarette products in August.

The CDC investigation is still ongoing and has not identified a definitive cause, though health officials said all reported cases involve a history of using vaping devices.

Governor Jay Inslee has asked the DOH to provide him with policy options including a full ban on flavors. DOH representative said they are not waiting for the federal government and will move forward with the governor’s request.

On Wednesday, President Trump said the FDA would be putting out “some very strong” recommendations regarding the use of flavored e-cigarettes in the coming weeks.

Health officials said not smoking or vaping is the healthiest option, but those who continue to use vaping products should monitor themselves for symptoms; cough, shortness of breath, chest pain. If those symptoms arise, seek medical attention.

Earlier this week, two cases of respiratory disease linked to vaping were reported in Idaho. Those patients are currently recovering.

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