First Asian giant hornet nest in the U.S. located by Washington state entomologists

Asian Giant Hornet
Credit: WSDA

The first Asian giant hornet nest in the United States has been located in Washington state, the Washington State Department of Agriculture said Friday.

The WSDA is set to discuss the findings at a press conference at 2 p.m.

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The WSDA said the nest was located on a property in Blaine, which is the same area all previous hornet sightings have been reported. A dead, mated queen was found in July and a male hornet was found in August. Additional sightings were reported in late September.

“The successful detection of a nest comes after a WSDA trapper collected two live Asian giant hornets on Oct. 21, caught in a new type of trap the agency had placed in the area,” a release from the WSDA said. “Two more hornets, also living, were found in another trap the morning of Oct. 22 when WSDA staff arrived in the area to tag the previously trapped hornets with radio trackers and follow one back to its nest.”

Entomologists attached radio trackers to three hornets, the second of which led them to the discovery of the nest.

The WSDA plans to destroy the colony on Saturday, so the invasive pests do not become established in Washington State.

The hornets are usually the size of an adult thumb and are the world’s largest hornet species.

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