Fireworks stands continue in some areas despite intense conditions

Idaho Fireworks Stand

PEND OREILLE CO., Wash. —Fireworks are fun tradition for Independence Day. Today the Governor’s Office announced they will not ban fireworks in the state, but still, many communities are banning them this year.

For some of these vendors, the stands are a primary source of income for the year. We spoke to Curtis Frisque, who’s had a stand in Newport for 25 years now. He thinks many people are concerned about the heat and dry conditions, changing what they buy. Usually, his bigger fireworks sellout quickly each year, but if the county were to step in this week it could be trouble for him and his two stands.

“Well, first of all, I’d have to decide what to do with all this product, and there’s a lot of money that gets put out,” said Frisque. “People do that, I’m a wholesaler, so I buy wholesale, so makes it kind of tough. So, from a financial perspective it would definitely be a setback in some ways.”

Curtis told us he is still hesitant to light off fireworks this year, but may go out on the water and shoot them off instead to be safer. These vendors will be able to sell fireworks until 11 p.m. On July 5th and it is the same time for citizens to light off fireworks as well.

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