Brunner Fire grows to 75 acres, 90 percent contained

ATHOL, Idaho — The Brunner Fire, which started earlier on Friday afternoon, has grown to 75 acres burning southwest of Athol, but is now 90 percent contained.

People living within the boundary of Seasons Rd., Clagstone, the intersection of Diagonal Rd. and Hunters Grove, and Warren Rd. are under Level 3 evacuations. Level 3 means ‘leave now.’

The area north of Seasons Rd. is under Level 2 evacuations meaning, ‘be ready to leave at a moment’s notice.’

Kootenai County Fire & Rescue Chief Chris Way said they had two helicopters, two air tankers and scoop planes scooping water from the lake. At night, the aircraft landed. They will be back on Saturday morning to help contain the fire.

Way said Silverwood Theme Park was shut down as a precaution and the fire is not near the theme park.

Jordan Carter, director of marketing and communications at Silverwood, said around 8,000 people have been evacuated. They will be extending tickets for another day. Carter said the park will open on Saturday, unless firefighters say it is not safe to do.

Wind concerned firefighters on Friday night as the forecast showed gusts up to 20 mph.

As of right now, Way said they are not aware of any homes that have been burned. Idaho Department of Lands said potentially two out buildings and two cars have been damaged and some houses are without power. Way said the homes without power are under a Level 3 evacuation and they will not turn back on until the evacuation is downgraded.

Responders are working with power companies to restore power to areas outside of Level 3 evacuation zones.

At this time, the Kootenai County sheriff’s Department said there are no emergency evacuation centers open, but Kootenai County Fairgrounds has opened for livestock.

Firefighters from as far as Tennessee came to fight the fire. They were battling the Prichard Fire, also known as the Character Complex Fire in Shoshone County, when they were shifted to the this fire.

This is a developing story.