Firefighters knock down wildfire southeast of Ephrata

Firefighters are mopping up a wildfire that was threatening homes in the Drumheller Road NW area southeast of Ephrata Tuesday morning.

Kyle Foreman with Grant County Emergency Management reports the fire was burning between Dodson Road and State Route 282 Tuesday morning and that initially the wind-whipped blaze was threatening homes in the area, prompting emergency management officials to tell homeowners to standby for evacuation orders.

The fire grew to approximately 150 acres in size before firefighters from the City of Ephrata and Grant County Fire Districts 3 and 13 were able to get it under control. At the height of the wildfire it came within 10 feet of three homes.

As of 11:30 a.m. Foreman said that is safe for people in the area to return to their homes if they left them as homes in the area are no longer in danger. By 11:45 the fire was declared under control.

The fire, which burned mostly sagebrush and dry grasses, did not damage any homes or structures. No injuries were reported in the firefighting effort.

KXLY4’s McKay Allen contributed to this report