Fire leaves Shogun Restaurant “a total loss”

Fire leaves Shogun Restaurant “a total loss”

An early morning fire destroyed an iconic Japanese style restaurant east of downtown Spokane on Sunday.

The fire started around 3:30 a.m. at the Shogun Restaurant at 821 E. Third.

“Crews got on scene, tried to get inside, fire conditions were such that they couldn’t make a safe interior attack,” said Battalion Chief Dan Renner.

“We withdrew and went to a defensive operation,” said Renner.

A few hours later, the building collapsed. Firefighters battled the blaze from above the fire on ladders with water hoses. Crews also sprayed the fire from the ground. In all, it took seven hours for the fire to be declared under control.

“It’s pretty much demolished, the roofs falling in and the back kitchen is gone, it’s not more,” said Marc Miller, who used to own the building in the 80s.

Miller stopped by the scene of the fire this morning to see the iconic building one last time.
“You go back and it’s in your memory but I’ll never be able to go back and see it again,” said Miller.

The Shogun opened in 1992 and in that time the hibachi-style food captivated the taste buds of the Inland Northwest. If something was worth celebrating, it usually involved a table at the Shogun.

“Wedding receptions, birthday parties, super bowl parties, Cinco de Mayo parties, lots of fun,” said Miller.

The fire is under investigation to determine how it started.