Fire extinguisher used to damage hundreds of donated dresses during break-in at teen clinic

Fire extinguisher used to damage hundreds of donated dresses during break-in at teen clinic

A broken window was what employees at Daybreak Youth Service’s administration building were greeted with Monday morning, as they arrived for work.

Daybreak is a girls-only teen addiction clinic in Spokane.

“It’s a bummer but no-one was hurt and nothing was stolen,” said Catherine Reynolds, Daybreak’s Life Enrichment Director.

Nothing was stolen, but there was thousands of dollars worth of damage left behind.

After breaking into the building’s gym, the would be thief or thieves splashed a can of paint on the floor. Then they moved on to the backroom where 300 plus dresses from The Royal Closet were stored and unloaded an entire fire extinguisher on the dresses.

The Royal Closet helps provide prom dresses and accessories to those in need around Spokane during Prom and Homecoming season. The girls receiving care at Daybreak that are also in need, use the dresses at three dances the clinic throws each year.

Whoever broke in then moved on to the building’s storage rooms where makeup from Project Beauty Share and other supplies were kept.

“They grabbed some shampoo, conditioner, whatever they could hold, a brush, makeup items,” said Reynolds.

They then packed up a bag and beauty box with other basic supplies, like a blanket and pillow, she said.

But an alarm then sounded when they tried to get into the main offices and they took off without their loot.

A doubly heartbreaking scenario for administrators, on top of the thousands of dollars worth of damage, they say whoever broke in was clearly in need.

“I just wish they would have asked us if they needed the supplies, we would have given them the things that they need,” said Reynolds.

Careful Cleaners in the Spokane Valley will be donating dry cleaning for the dresses.