Fire District 3 Chief says fire variables are in place for fire danger with another hot week ahead

CHENEY, Wash. — Two large wildfires were sparked last week in Spokane County. One of them burned more than 1800 acres in the area.

As another hot week is ahead, there is still a high alert for fire danger. Spokane County Fire District 3 Chief Cody Rohrbach said all the components are in place for a large fire.

“The challenge we have now is a record of fuel condition where grasses are the highest we’ve seen over 20 years,” said Rohrbach.

Even though Spokane County has a delayed fire season this year due to the wet spring, with a rising daily temperature, fire variables such as dry fuels and a strong wind could cause another wildfire.

“All of these large fires…really carry or spread the fire… are all those grasses. Fire spreads through the grass, and if there is a timber component, it’s able to burn with a lot of intensity,” Rohrbach said.

Rohrbach said people’s efforts play a big part in preventing these large fires, starting from removing dry fuels near your homes.

“Really try to take away anything that is flammable that would be immediately adjacent to the home, sometimes shrubbery or other things that can be right up under the eves or firewoods piled under the deck, all those things that can be a condition to make up the fire,” Rohrbach said.

If you need any free consultations, Chief Rohrbach said your local fire departments are available to help you avoid the fire danger.

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