Fire Dept., State Parks: Wear your life jacket

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane has been seeing the warmest weather of the season this last week, and it might be making you want to hit the rivers. The Fire Department wants you to take one important precaution before you do that, though.

It’s advice you have probably been hearing for years, but SFD says now is the time to grab that life jacket out from your storage, or to buy a new one.

It could save your life.

Washington State Parks reminds people that life jackets are one of the most effective pieces of safety gear in your boat.

Before you go tossing your ragged old life jacket in the back of a boat, State Parks wants you to consider a few things:

  • Find a life jacket you will actually wear; conforming to your body size and swimming ability
  • Read the label; understand warnings, intended usage, and maintenance
  • Learn how to fit a jacket; it should fit snugly and keep your head above water
  • Maintain your jacket; dry and clean it properly, and check for wear and tear
  • Know the laws; where to keep your jacket, ordinances and rules at wherever you are boating