Fire burns three acres near Newman Lake

Fire burns three acres near Newman Lake

A fire that started just after noon Tuesday near N Starr Road and E Hauser Lake Road in Newman Lake was contained to three acres, but still gave those nearby a scare.

“We looked out the window and the fire was over here,” Jasmyn Van Cleave said.

Van Cleave said she and her brother were visiting her grandmother when the dog alerted her of the activity outside. She said it started in the field across the street, then climbed up the hillside toward the neighbors.

“I swear, we turned our back for a couple of minutes and it jumped the street and it was up in the trees,” she said.

Van Cleave said she called her mother for help while her grandmother called 911. Shortly after, the family gathered sprinklers and hoses to drench the yard and house.

“We’re trying to get everything wetted down, keep it wet until they actually get it out,” Jasmyn’s mother Spring said.

Officials with the Department of Natural Resources do not expect the fire to grow anymore. At one point it was threatening a home, but firefighters were able to stop the fire before it got there. While it is contained, it’s not controlled. They’re working on putting out the hot spots now.

“It was so fast,” Van Cleave said. “It was scary. I don’t ever want to be in that situation.”

The cause is under investigation.